How to Choose Robotic Pool Cleaner – 10 Major Steps

How to choose robotic cleaner, do you know? If no, then read this full review. The future is here, robots are arriving to do some of the most menial jobs out there.

No longer do you need to all get in a guy’ to clean the pool or worse – spend hours cleaning it yourself. The best pool robots have it covered, and they do an excellent job!

How to Choose Robotic Pool Cleaner

Choosing the right pool robot is a complex task, and there are a number of things to look for before making your final decision.

How to Choose Robotic Pool Cleaner – 10 Major Steps

Self-container Suction Cleaner

How to Choose Robotic Pool Cleaner

The self-contained robots need no external connections (except for power), where the suction type pool robotic cleaner requires potentially complicated hose connections to your pool skimmer and filter.

Most pool owners will agree that a self-contained pool robot is a better fit for their need and prefer their overall cleaning quality, but that’s not always the case for everyone.


Much like a standard household pool cleaner vacuum, the self-contained best pool robot has filters to trap dirt and prevent it from getting into their mechanisms and these filters will need regular cleaning and eventual replacement.

Ensure the robotic pool cleaner filters are easy to remove and clean and plan for the overhead of having to purchase new (and ideally, official) filters in advance.

Suction Power

How to Choose Robotic Pool Cleaner

Another similarity best robot cleaner share with their household vacuum counterparts is that of power equaling better cleaning.

The more suction that your automatic cleaner robot possesses, the pool robot cleaner the result is going to be.
Some of the smaller best pool robot struggle with established algae and other settled in the dirt, whereas the larger models brush up this stubborn dirt effortlessly.


Pool robotic cleaners have a massive advantage in that they don’t require monitoring for the most part (although, on your first try it is hard to pull yourself away from their hypnotic cleaning).

The speed at which it cleans your pool, however, will differ between models.

If you and your guests are impatiently waiting for a swim, you might regret getting a slower bot.


How to Choose Robotic Pool Cleaner

While most of the models of automatic cleaner robot are capable of climbing and cleaning walls, some of them are better at complex pool architecture than others.

If your pool has irregular steps, complex features or a lot of curved walls, you may want to shop around to ensure that you find the right robot to match your pool design.

Filter Quality

Not only are the filters an integral part of your robot maintenance, but they also play a starring role in determining the granularity of your clean or, simply put, whether or not your robot eats up the tiniest dirt.

Filters have a grade, and some of the finest nylon versions can filter down to two microns — comparable to a pool sand filter.

Swivel Cable

While the self-contained pool robot doesn’t have any hose connections to your filters to get tangled up with, they do all have to be powered.

That leads to a wire running from the poolside generator down to your busy pool-cleaning friend which can present its tangling problem. Look for robots with swivel cables to cables that resist tangling.

Remote Controls

How to Choose Robotic Pool Cleaner

Some of the more advanced self-contained pool cleaner vacuum will come with an independent remote control, allowing the user to direct it to areas of the pool its automatic programming might have missed.

The extra functionality of being able to cover those hard to reach areas can be a major point for the more fastidious pool owner but is unlikely to impact on most.

Four-wheel Drive

Not so your pool robot can make its way across the wild terrain, but high-end models with four-wheel drive do get stuck a lot less.

Though your pool might be the epitome of lead-free cleanliness, pool robots have to be prepared to face some difficult jobs, and you may find yourself lending yours to someone whose pool is a mass of robot-sticking debris. Also pool robot vacuum can clean easily.

Four-wheel drive it is, then!


Your pool robot is a significant investment and is going to be something you have for a very long time.

Just like picking a car, it would be naive to believe that the look of your robot handyman has no impact. Choose a robot you like so that when it’s crawling around on the bottom of your pool, you don’t feel the need to erect emergency fencing!

Final Verdict

Overall, like so many things, the better vacuum pool cleaners tend to be a little pricier than the average.

Over time the work they do will save you many hours of back-breaking work and it won’t be long before you see the investment pay off.

Whichever you choose, you are now part of the future.

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