What is a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

What is a robotic pool cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaner is a cleaning device which is specifically designed for the cleaning of residential or commercial swimming pools.

It is a perfect solution for cleaning of floors, walls, and stairs of a pool. Robotic pool cleaners are the most trending and latest technology pool cleaners.

What is a Robotic Pool Cleaner

They provide the best customer satisfaction. The Robotic Pool Cleaners have the following features that make them a top notch-

What is a Robotic Pool Cleaner? – Essential Topics

1. These robotic pool cleaners have a relatively low maintenance costs as compared to other pool cleaners.
Pool robot cleaner is not attached to the water pump of the pool. Besides, they don’t require you to install a new plumbing or a booster pump.

Thus, they save lots of maintenance cost and become budget friendly over a long run.
2. Robotic pool vacuum has a minor power consumption.

They run on a low voltage and consume less than 100 watts of power in comparison to the old pool cleaners that used to consume more than 1000 watts of power.

This way you save a lot on your utility power bills with an amazing cleaning experience.


3. These pool cleaners help you save a lot of chemical costs by a better mechanism of chemical mixing.

These robotic pool cleaners circulate the water in the pool, and the chemicals are also mixed adequately with the circulating water.

The chemicals do not settle down to the bottom of the pool lowering your chemical usage. Less chemical use also tends to safer environment.

4. The robotic pool cleaners can climb the walls of the pool to clean these walls.

They pick up every piece of dirt or debris from the walls of the pool smartly to make the walls completely spotless.

The best robot cleaner is light weight and have a greater sticky quality which makes them climb the walls of your pool quickly and remove every inch of spots.


5. The dirtiness of a pool makes the pool really uninviting.

With these pool cleaners, you will never have to worry about a dirty pool as these pool cleaners are very effective.

They have a high suction power to remove all the dirt, algae, debris on your pool’s floor and walls and make your pools look shining and new even after years of use.

6. The installation mechanism of a robot pool cleaner is easy and user-friendly.

These robotic pool cleaners do not depend on the pool’s main pump and filter system and run from an entirely different source of electricity. The pool cleaner is usually attached to a transformer that is put nearly 3 meters away from the pool.

The transformer lowers the operating voltage suitable for the pool cleaner’s operation.


7. If you are concerned about the noise level of the pool cleaners, then robotic pool cleaners are the best choice for you. These robotic pool cleaners produce the least level of sounds.

The sound level of these pool cleaners is not going to irritate or discomfort your dear ones and relatives.

The level of sound produced by these robotic pool vacuums ranges from 60-80 decibels which are quite friendly in comparison to other pool cleaners.

8. The robot pool cleaners provide the best filtration techniques for its internal cleaning.

They contain efficient filters that are very easy to clean. These filters can even catch the unwanted particles ranging in the size of merely 2 microns.

The mesh of these filters has pores of even less size to provide extreme cleaning and filtration.

9. There are various design pools, and each design requires different cleaning requirements.

The old pool cleaners could not meet the cleaning needs of some specific designs of pools that were custom molded or had sitting platforms.

The robotic pool cleaners are not designed specific and provide best cleaning facilities to all types of custom designs and platforms.


10. The robotic pool cleaners come with a satisfactory warranty of perfect design that assures the product to be free from any manufacturing or technical defects.

If there exists a product with a defect that the company provides easy replacement of equipment of the defected parts.

This ensures customer satisfaction and an excellent product performance.

Final Verdict

Robotic pool cleaners prove to be a good choice for the maintenance of your swimming pools.

They have all those unique features which you look for in an ideal pool cleaner. These pool cleaners are better than any other pool cleaners in every possible aspect.

They make your swimming pools look healthier and are user-friendly.

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